General Information


Vision Statement:

..The most important person in St.Oliver Plunkett BNS is the child. Every child attending the school will have the opportunity to grow and develop fully in a Christian environment. The Board of Management and staff will work in co-operation with the parents, in the best interest of the child. The school community will strive to nurture a sense of responsibility, a sense of pride and a sense of achievement, both academically and morally, in all of its pupils. We hope that all pupils, having completed their primary education in the school, will leave with happy memories.

St. Oliver Plunkett B.N.S has a Catholic ethos and is under the patronage of the Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise.


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Development of our School:

 Over the past few years the school management, staff and parents have worked closely to enable continuous development in the area of school improvements, equipment and resources. The school is currently enhancing its ICT resources with the purchase of additional student laptops. There are Interactive Whiteboards in all classrooms.  Each class is equipped with a visualizer which will further enhance the learning experience for all children. There is a vast selection of sports equipment available for the children with the recent purchase of helmets, hurleys and sliotars to promote and develop the game of hurling in our school.
We are continuously enhancing our resources in all areas of the curriculum.

Board Of Management:

  • Most Reverend Bishop Colm O'Reilly   (Patron)
  • Monsignor Bernard Noonan                  (Chairperson)
  • Mr. Paddy Cronolly                                (Principal)
  • Mrs. Catríona Horan                              (Patron’s Nominee)
  • Mrs. Cathy Gillivan.                               (Elected Parents' Nominee)
  • Mr. Kenny O’Brien.                                (Elected Parents' Nominee)
  • Mrs. Maura Condon.                              (Board’s Nominee)
  • Mrs Anita McLoughlin.                           (Board’s Nominee and Treasurer)
  • Ms. Sinéad White                                   (Teachers' Representative)


The Parents Association meet on the first Thursday of every month and have been actively involved in all areas of the school development. Their continuous help and support is greatly appreciated by all staff, parents and children of St. Oliver Plunkett B.N.S. If parents are interested in getting involved with the parents association this would be greatly appreciated and welcomed. Recent fundraising events include: funding for new classroom, subsidy towards tin whistle lessons, purchase of awards for superstars, provision of additional student laptops, contribution towards school tour, contribution towards sports equipment, race night and ‘Who wants to be a Thousandaire’ fundraising nights.


  • Mr. Paddy Cronolly         (Principal)
  • Mrs. Sinead White          (Deputy Principal and Resource Teacher)
  • Ms. Orla Maher               (Learning Support Teacher)
  • Mr. David Hoey               (Classroom Teacher)
  • Ms. Denise Eagney         (Classroom teacher)
  • Mr. Michael Forde           (Classroom Teacher)
  • Ms. Melanie Kelly            (Special Needs Assistant)
  • Mrs. Maura Doyle            (Special Needs Assistant).
  • Mrs. Eileen Fitzpatrick     (Secretary)

School Day:
Start: 9.20am each morning.
Finish: 3pm.

Contact Hours:
Our secretary works on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, if you need to contact the school we would prefer that you would do so during lunch or before or after school.


If your child is away from school for any reason, a note must be sent in to school. By law, if a child is absent for more than 20 days in the year, the school must report it to the National Education Welfare Board and an investigation may occur.

Grey trousers, grey shirt, navy jumper and blue and grey striped shirt. The school crest is displayed on the jumper. Soft gym shoes must be worn indoors.
P.E. uniform consists of a navy tracksuit and a blue polo t-shirt. (Refer to photograph)

The school has been operating a book rental scheme for many years. This has proved very successful as it has lessened the cost of purchasing books for parents. We will continue to operate this scheme for the foreseeable future. Parents can opt out of this scheme if they so wish. Details will be posted with the booklists at the end of the school year.

Homework is an important part of the overall school plan. Homework is given to reinforce and consolidate work carried out in class. Children are encouraged to do their homework in a room free from distraction.
A time guide is set out as follows:
2nd Class: 15-20 minutes.
3rd Class: 20-30 minutes.
4th Class: 30-40 minutes.
5th Class: 30-45 minutes.
6th Class: 45-60 minutes.
Parents are advised to check homework daily and sign the school journal once all homework is completed.

Guidelines for Parents:
Set aside a quiet regular time
The child should be sitting comfortably at a table.
Homework time should include time for oral as well as written work.
Encourage your child to keep books and copies clean and tidy.
If your child is working independently – be available to help and show an interest in what is being done. Praise your child’s efforts at every opportunity.
If working with your child you feel yourself becoming impatient – stop, don’t bully or threaten, this will only have a negative effect.

If your child is persistently having problems with homework contact the teacher and discuss the difficulties.
If for any reason homework cannot be done, let the teacher know.
Homework journal to be signed every night by parent or guardian

School Calendar:
A school calendar will be sent to all parents at the start of each school year. It will also be available to download on the website.

The school operates a healthy eating policy and encourages children to eat a balanced diet. Lunches are checked on a random basis to ensure all children comply with this policy. Sweets, chocolate bars, fizzy drinks, chewing gum and crisps are forbidden. We continue to encourage all children to be environmentally aware and strive to create as little rubbish as possible. Children are therefore requested to take home all used lunch wrappers, cartons, crusts etc in their lunch box. If an item is suitable for composting we provide bins in each classroom.

Mobile Phones:
Children are discouraged from bringing mobile phones to school. Where a pupil brings a mobile phone to school, the phone must be surrendered to the class teacher, switched off during the school day and may not be used, for any purpose on school premises or during off-site school activities. The only exception to this is in an emergency or with the approval of the class teacher. Pupils who ignore this policy and use a mobile phone on school premises without permission will be in breach of the school discipline policy. The school accepts no responsibility for replacing lost stolen or damaged mobile phones.